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Codebook Evolution

Today’s blog is a little different, I wanted to take a look back at CodeBook over the years and  to see how far we have come forwards. CodeBook has been developing BIM software since 1993 far before the word BIM hit the mainstream. It was first developed as a tool by Peter to aid his …

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CodeBook Lookups import

If you have ever had to import an XLS containing Room data in to Codebook, you to have felt the pain of having to save settings and add a lookup field that you thought already existed! A new feature that should go along way to making life just that little bit more easier is the …

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CodeBook dynamic update feature

CodeBook dynamic update feature.   In today’s blog I wanted to talk about a new feature, this one is a biggy. We want to make Codebook more intuitive and easy to work with so the dev team have come up with something they like to call “Dynamic update” Instead of having to manually sync rooms …

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Come see us, last free tickets!

We have a few tickets left for the The Annual BIM Conference: Multi-Disciplined Collaboration For Progress. This is first come first served, the event is on the 24th of jan in London. Contact the support desk to secure your ticket and come say hello.  

None Linked Revit Families

Why isn’t that item of equipment scheduling? This is something that keeps us busy on the support desk, items of equipment not being found and almost always its simply because the item has not been added to the library! We have added a new tool to CodeBook which is called up when updating the designed …

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Attainia User Summit

Peter will be attending the Attainia User Summit to be held in Phoenix this October, to demonstrate new functionality that allows CodeBook to be used with the Attainia Medical Equipment database. CodeBook can be used to create furniture and equipment layouts in Revit and AutoCad. It  provides comprehensive tools to validate and schedule these equipment …

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CodeBook Required FF+E feature

Editing of the required equipment lists can be a time consuming task, especially if the items are individual rather than being managed by assemblies and unions. One of the new features recently added is the Required FF+E Editor which allows easy no fuss reporting, as well as a customisable editing tool for the required FF+E …

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CodeBook constraints tutorial

Preventing accidental data change/mistakes and giving control to the project manager is the topic we are covering today. CodeBook allows the BIM or CodeBook manager to put in place a set of constraints on the dataset for a user, or a group of users. The Constraints limit the ability to set and change specific types …

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Flex reports tutorial

Reporting is easy! and now getting reports looking the way you want them is easy! we are slowly adding to our on-line tutorials and have just finished our flex reporting tutorial. Take a look for your self and see how easy it is to generate your own custom reports.

CodeBook tech tips – Library Properties

Hello and welcome to today’s tech tip! Today we will be looking at the library properties section of CodeBook. Some of you may be already familiar with this but for the most part I believe this new functionality may have been passed over. Firstly to access the library properties section of CodeBook select the Build …

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