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Attainia User Summit

Peter will be attending the Attainia User Summit to be held in Phoenix this October, to demonstrate new functionality that allows CodeBook to be used with the Attainia Medical Equipment database. CodeBook can be used to create furniture and equipment layouts in Revit and AutoCad. It  provides comprehensive tools to validate and schedule these equipment …

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CodeBook Required FF+E feature

Editing of the required equipment lists can be a time consuming task, especially if the items are individual rather than being managed by assemblies and unions. One of the new features recently added is the Required FF+E Editor which allows easy no fuss reporting, as well as a customisable editing tool for the required FF+E …

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Flex reports tutorial

Reporting is easy! and now getting reports looking the way you want them is easy! we are slowly adding to our on-line tutorials and have just finished our flex reporting tutorial. Take a look for your self and see how easy it is to generate your own custom reports.

CodeBook Training Videos

At CodeBook we are always looking for ways to improve our documentation and the information we provide to make picking up Codebook  as easy as possible. We have put together a number of training videos covering all key points in the CodeBook process, from installation, batch loading, importing, equipment creation though to reporting, c-sheet creation …

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Importance of being prepared!

Today we talk about the “elephant in the room”, backing up of project data. We all make mistakes and then we are on the receiving end of this on a daily basis often picking up the pieces of a data entry mistake or even worse a server failure. There is still a void between IT …

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CodeBook Room Data Collector Part 3

Part 3, One of the questions we get asked almost daily is what if? What if Joe Blogs adds 50 power outlets to a range of rooms? Well, Should Joe have the ability to do this in the first instance would be the first question that’s asked, the second question would be how can we …

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CodeBook Room Data Collector Part 2

Part 2 – Room Data Collector, Now the premise has been explained I would  like to talk about the practical side of the Room Data Collector.  I will break this down into sections that explain setup, data capture design, and use. Setup Before any data is collected we need to decide what information needs to …

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AU Show Reflections

CodeBook on the road at Autodesk University 2014 AU Show Reflections Like every year I write my post AU blog recovering from jet lag, a hectic and punishing show schedule and not forgetting the post show party! This year was no different except I didn’t publish my blog straight away.  My excuse, somebody got their …

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CodeBook Pro Releases New Room Finishes Module

News release   October 1, 2014   CodeBook Pro Releases New Room Finishes Module    Helping architects, designers and engineers to streamline information workflow and increase productivity October 1, 2014, London, UK: CodeBook Pro releases Room Finishes Module for ceilings, floors and walls, underlining CodeBook’s commitment to developing functionality users need to improve workflow and …

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Introduction to Building Data Management (BDM) Concept and Workflow

Introduction to Building Data Management (BDM) Concept and Workflow   Introduction This document looks to discuss what professionals are using today to manage data then offer an alternative which will revolutionise workflow from inception through construction to operation. Data                              What are we specifically talking about? Scale                             How much and what are the volumes? Capture                         …

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