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Why isn’t that item of equipment scheduling?

This is something that keeps us busy on the support desk, items of equipment not being found and almost always its simply because the item has not been added to the library!

We have added a new tool to CodeBook which is called up when updating the designed equipment lists if family’s are found in the Model/Room that do not exist in the library.




If there are items in the model that are not in the library, CodeBook will load this form and give you a number of options.

1)       Ignore, if you are aware of this item and do not want CodeBook to report it in the required list, or prompt you again about it, tick ignore. CodeBook will then mark it as ignored and mark who ignored it. Clicking Continue will allow Codebook to continue on with the update of the list. These items can be later un-hidden.


2)       Add Items, if these items have been missed and do need to be reported on, it’s now possible to add these on the fly to the CodeBook library. You can enter a code, give each item a group and a class, to add click “Add items” and then continue. The items will now be added, the update will complete and the new items will be shown in the designed equipment list


Un-hide items

If you now wish to un-hide items that you ignored, this can be done via the library editor > Ignored Items

To un-ignore, un-tick ignore, enter a code, group, class ect, then click “Add items to library” Next time the equipment list is updated these will now be included.


We have also updated the get family details and location tool that sits on the Codebook Revit add-on:

555The form has been stream lined and now includes the function to un-hide items of equipment:

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