CodeBook Pro Releases New Room Finishes Module

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October 1, 2014


CodeBook Pro Releases New Room Finishes Module


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October 1, 2014, London, UK: CodeBook Pro releases Room Finishes Module for ceilings, floors and walls, underlining CodeBook’s commitment to developing functionality users need to improve workflow and increase productivity

CodeBook Pro Room Finishes Module

Ceilings and Floorsfinishesimage

CodeBook can schedule the system families for ceilings and floors and apportion them to the appropriate CodeBook room in the project database.

The level and extent of each system family will be retrieved from Revit and this will be compared to the room extents.

If the system family spans multiple rooms, only the part covering the room will be assigned.

If more than one floor or ceiling system family overlaps with the room, each will be assigned to the room, with the calculated overlap areas.

To schedule the floor and ceiling families, it is not necessary for the Revit Room to exist in the Revit model, because CodeBook uses the room extent stored in the database during the room sync.


At present surface finishes are not being scheduled in their own right, but CodeBook will schedule the system wall families that form the boundary of the Revit room. These will be listed under the Finishes > Structure tab of the Room Editor.

Finishes Reporting

There are reports of ‘Finishes By Room’ and ‘Finishes By Project’ that report to Excel xls files.

The Word document Room Data Sheet reports, also provide the option to include the Design finishes.

Report Settings provides the option to include the Required finishes, Design Finishes or both.


For more information, contact:

Andy Hamer, CEO CodeBook Solutions Inc – tel: +1 858 605 1522 / + 44 (0) 1276 537 282, mob: +44 (0) 7912 869 976, email: andy.hamer@codebookinternational .com

Editor’s notes

Codebook International ( developed its first software application in the early 1990s and has been providing software solutions to design teams, contractors and building owners worldwide ever since. CodeBook International combines software development expertise and the experience of construction industry professionals. The CodeBookPro database application manages information from project inception through to facility management after project completion. Interoperable with industry standard CAD and BIM tools, CodeBookPro links to models, shares data and gives detailed reports and validations throughout the design and construction phases of a project. On completion the building owner takes possession of a detailed room information database linked to the 3D building model.

CodeBook Solutions Inc is a US-based business set up to provide a single source of sales, consultancy and support for North American architecture, engineering and construction and operation (AECO) customers.

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