Is technology available to deliver BIM Level 2 or Level 3 today?

A few weeks ago I attended a presentation where the speaker representing the UK BIM TASK Group suggested technology wasn’t available today to delivery BIM Level 3 because the Task Group hasn’t yet defined its requirements; therefore products with this capability don’t exist.



BIM Organisation Struggles

Many organisations will struggle to implement Level 2 in the short and mid-term and long term Level 3 for a variety of reasons in no particular order:

  • No need to change current processes to manage data
  • Fear of the new, unknown and change
  • Management and workforce inertia
  • Lack of data management knowledge, skills and resources
  • BIM scepticism  – it’s a fad
  • Capturing BIM data is a cost which we aren’t being paid for
  • Failing to see data is a valuable commodity which can generate higher fees
  • Investing only when contractually forced too
  • Concerns over IP ownership and the liabilities of sharing graphical data working in federated models


It’s really NOT because the technology aka software and services don’t exist, they do!


We know data inside out and back to front!

Partner with the team who have beenat the cutting edge ofdelivering centralised data management solutions to aid collaboration and integration for nearly 20 years.  You can have confidence we know what we are talking about designing a solution to meet the practical needs of users today and the future and we’re happy to share our experience.

Forward thinking organisations designing, constructing and operating other building types catching up fast recognizing the benefits of BIM and centralized data management with CodeBook Pro.  CodeBook Pro is in use across the globe on projects large and small and on many different building types from education, healthcare, hospitality, entertainment, transport, justice, defence to name but a few.

CodeBook Pro delivers an intelligent, structured database solution to meet the ever expanding data management to capture, manage, and validate non-graphical building data across all sizes of project from small to large in every type of building and has been used by AEC professionals in architecture, engineering, construction and FM across the globe.


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