Door scheduling, tips and tricks

Door scheduling,

A topic that’s not covered very much is door scheduling. It’s often thought as difficult and time consuming. Hopefully this overview should go some way to alleviate these fears.

We can cover this in a number of stages

1)      Door Template, Building a template

Building the templates is the very first stage in this process, the template manager for the doors is available via the build > Templates option on the Door tab.


Here the baseline settings for each door can be specified.

2)      Adding a door to a room.

It’s important to remember that a template does not equal a door. A door can be added to the room with its data set independent of a template, while this can be done its recommended templates are utilised.

Doors can be added to rooms in a number of ways

a)      A door can be added via the Room Editor

b)      Doors can be assigned via Room template use


3)      Applying data to a door

a)      Using a template, a template can be assigned in the room editor or specified using a room type template. Alternatively via an XLS on bulk.

b)      Data can also been assigned manually via the door tab in the room editor


4)      Linking and syncing

Note* For reporting purposes the door does not need to be linked to BIM, this is only for validation.

Once data has been added to the door (or even before) CodeBook needs to be linked to the door in Revit. Again, this can be done in a number of ways.

a)      A door can be linked using the Room editor > Doors > Link to BIM















b)      On bulk they can be linked using the “Door Links” tool on the Home tab


5)      Door parameter mapping

If required CodeBook can now take the Door Information held in CodeBook and pass that to the BIM model, or copy from the BIM model and pass this back in to Codebook.

This data can be used for validation or driving of the door schedule.

To choose the data to be shared open the project settings and select parameter mapping:



6)      Door reporting.

Once all the templates and data have been setup, the doors have been linked (or not as this isn’t necessary for the reporting) a number of reports can be created from the Reporting section of CodeBook.





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