Tip of the day

Room templates are an incredibly powerful tool for allowing consistency between multiple rooms even spanning multiple buildings and projects.

They allow for concise data entry and design changes to be carried through multiple rooms with an effortless click of a button allowing a one to many template to room relationship. Does anyone really want to sit and manually change the floor finish for 50 rooms – Then push this data manually in to Revit? I don’t!.

Key to making this all happen is the initial template creation process and in true CodeBook fashion we have even made this easy.

CodeBook has the “Make Room types and Room Data Templates” function located in the “Room Tasks” section of CodeBook to automate the process of creating templates:

















Once the rooms you wish to make in to a template have been added to the build list and the naming style of these defined, select the option to “Apply task”

These templates will then be added to the Room Data library and available to each project connected to these libraries.

Happy template creating!

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