Equipment Loading – time saving tip

Equipment Loading – we all love to hate it!


It’s the task we all love to hate, its time consuming, boring and tedious, but it needs to be done!

Hopefully this little tip can save you some time. CodeBook has a little known “Room Tasks” function which is located here:














The Room Tasks option allows one to perform bulk tasks on a selected set of rooms:


















The task we are interested in today is “Load Required Equipment”

CodeBook can take the tedium of checking against a check list finding the item, and then placing the item/updating the parameter information.

Items can be placed for just a single room, selection or rooms, department or level.


If the required items are pre-set out assemblies then they will be placed as per there original arrangement, if the room contains loose FF&E these will be placed staggered to the centroid location of the room.

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