CodeBookPro Customisation – “Making CodeBookPro Your Own”


CodeBookPro Customisation – “Making CodeBookPro Your Own”

 We are asked all the time “can we change this or that” almost universally the answer is yes.

CodeBookPro is a powerful “off the shelf” solution developed to be fully customisable and easily adapted to meet specific client workflow, building type and project size.

This blog is going to cover a lot of ground:


  • User Interface
  • User Attributes
  • FF&E Asset Data
  • Button and Label Terminology
  • Look Ups
  • Form Colours


If you have any specific questions please feel free to contact


User Interfaces Customisation

Although not strictly hat this post is about, it’s a part of CodeBook that is often overlooked:


CodeBookPro’s user interface was completely upgraded in V11 release with some minor tweaks in V12 release.  Included in the complete overhauled of the user interface we have added hover tips, updated user guide documentation and produced an assortment of video tutorials.   Plus we have included the ability for the administrator to select specific a user interface profiles depending on the roles and responsibilities of individual users, depending on the option selected will dramatically simplify the experience for each user.

Example – Report Creator Profile


The user interface has been trimmed of all unneeded options for the task at hand


Button and Label Terminology Customisation

Don’t like what we call something? “Tomato” – “Tomato”

Use the Translation Editor to change any or all terminology:  every button and every label allows for every character or terminology inside of CodeBookPro to be found and changed for a user/company defined option.

Want to change “FF&E” to “Equipment” then simply search for FF&E and replace with Equipment in the edited statement, then restart CodeBookPro all the changes will be carried though everywhere that term is used.



User Attributes Customization

Everybody has different data they need to capture some of which is fairly standard data and other data which is not which you also want to store inside CodeBookPro.   You have the ability to easily create your own fields with in the User Attributes section of CodeBookPro:


It’s as simple as choosing where you would like to create the data field, what you would like to call it and then defining a data type, is it text, number, memo, and a character length. Clicking save will now add this option to the Room Editor section of CodeBook.


Fields can be added to the sector, department, floor, room, and room instance.


Lookups Customisation

The Lookups Editor is where 80% of the customisation of CodeBook occurs. The lookups section is sorted by Category:


With each category controlling the corresponding section, an easy example of this is in the Equipment library section and groups:


If you wish to change the groups, or create new ones then they can be viewed and changed on the grid on the right hand side. The same principle can be used to change floor finishes, wall finishes, door frame detailing and any other value held inside CodeBook. If a finish is not relevant to the project it can be hidden:



FF&E Data (Fixtures, Fittings and Equipment)

The FF&E library management tool contains many place holders pre setup for containing data but we understand one size does not fit all. We have set up a section for each item of FF&E under the “Data” section to specifically cater for user customisation and fields:


As you can see they are all set to unassigned and visible, using the Lookups Editor and “Equipment Library Data” section


The values can be changed, hidden and created.


FF&E Asset Data Customisation

CodeBookPro allows for the capture of FF&E asset data as well as the passing of this data to the Revit model.

As always we have a selection of predefined fields for you to use.  We understand there may be data you need to capture that we have not catered for in the predefined fields.  To amend, remove or add data go to the “In the Required list” you will find under the properties section a “Data” tab:


These fields once again can be changed under the Lookups editor to suit and match any project specific requirements.


Form Colours Customization

Don’t like the dark grey, and then setting the ribbon bar colour to be silver should brighten up your day!


Other options include the ability to remove healthcare specific terminology and template grouping options.

I’ll round this post up here, safe to say if you don’t like something, want to change something or need something new, CodeBookPro has ability to do exactly want you want.

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