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Today, to coincide with the new website launch, I was asked to do something that was quite foreign to me: write a blog to discuss the pinch points of any large healthcare or education project and discuss ways in which one could work smarter, not necessarily harder.

In today’s economic climate any process that can save time saves you money. I think it’s fair to say door scheduling regardless of the CAD system used is a very time-consuming process. As such, two tools I find especially useful are the bulk door linkage function and the ability to dynamically both push and pull data from door objects within Revit.

An example: you have a 600-room department in which you need to link a door to a space, perform a validation that the door matches the schedule and then perform a relatively simple task of marking the door number back in to the drawing.

It is possible to do this within Revit, but it is a lengthy process and leaves the possibility for mistakes to creep in. Utilising CodeBook, one can use predefined, validated templates to add a door or multiple doors to each room. Once the doors exist in CodeBook, the BIM Editor Door linkage tool can be used to bulk link the door to the space it currently resides in. Once the linkage has taken place CodeBook can then validate that the door matches the schedule.

CodeBook will validate that the correct door family as specified in the template has been placed and that the widths are as specified.

Any deviation from this will be displayed by colour coding the doors and a report is generated detailing the specifics.

At this point we can be absolutely sure that the correct door has been placed with in Revit.

Now the linkage has taken place we can use CodeBook’s ability to pass data bi-directionally to and from doors using shared parameters to tag attributes such as door number, room number, manufacturer’s name, code …. the possibilities are endless. It’s also possible to map this shared parameter to a door label so we can see a clear concise label.

I hope that next time you have to label up and validate 650+ doors the above should go some way to saving you that extra bit of time.

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