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Mar 07 2014

CodeBookPro in used on largest hospital project in North America – CHUM Montreal

It was a great opportunity during my recent visit to Montreal to see an actual building CodeBookPro has been implemented on and talk all to those involved in the design and construction of the project. On my first morning I was surprised to open my hotel room blinds to the see the CHUM under construction …

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Feb 19 2014

Get off of My Cloud

CodeBook strongly advocates Open Cloud with no limits on access to your data does your Cloud BIM Data Management Solution provider feel the same? The Cloud is a great for aiding and supporting wider collaboration on intra and inter team working: (1) enables project databases to be hosted either an on corporate server or 3rd …

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Feb 13 2014

Codebook and SQL

CodeBook has historically used a Microsoft Access .mdb database as a backend storage location for data. Over the years this has proved to be a very stable and very convenient way of storing data allowing for easy access, easy backup and most of all, portability of data. As BIM has come in to its own …

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Feb 10 2014

Tip of the day

Here is a little known feature with in CodeBook that could completely change the structure of how you organise your project. Nested rooms The nested room function can be accessed by right clicking on the project explorer and selecting “Modify Room Nesting” This allows CodeBook to nest rooms with in each other, the benefit of …

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Feb 05 2014

CodeBook Pro V12 Release News

      CodeBook Pro V12 Release News The newest version of the world’s leading and most advanced solution for building information and program management is available for download from 09:00GMT today. New Features Navisworks Integration Navisworks model items can be referenced to the CB library either as distinct FFE items or linked using the …

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Jan 22 2014

What’s the future for Excel Spreadsheet for managing large volumes of building information?

AEC professionals are using Excel spreadsheets for data management on small, medium and even large projects. To make the spreadsheets usable to enable them to manage the project data they are divided into separate spreadsheets for room data, FFE, doors and MEP by department, by floor for each. This approach offers little or no ability …

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Jan 17 2014

Let’s forget the three letters in BIM!

Take a step back from the hype, spin and lies to concentrate on only the “I”. It does not matter whether we call it “information” or “data” these are facts plan and simple. The cumulative effect of capturing facts is the development of knowledge and as we all know knowledge is power. So let’s forget …

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Jan 15 2014

CodeBook in the Cloud

Multiple offices? Collaborative working? Multiple disciplines same dataset? As tech moves forwards, datasets get larger and more and more people want to utilise a common data source the “cloud” starts to make a little more sense. No one really wants to move large datasets about, maintaining multiple datasets and making sure version control is practiced …

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Dec 12 2013

CodeBook AutoDesk University 2013 (AU 13)

CodeBook AutoDesk University 2013 (AU 13) AutoDesk University always seems a long time coming then it’s upon you, you’re in the middle of it and then it’s over in a flash and this year was no different. It’s a great opportunity to meet with clients, prospects and new prospects and its one of the most …

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Dec 21 2012

CodeBook in AECbytes

Dr Lachmi Khemlani was a welcome visitor to our CodeBook stand at Autodesk University last month (post), and has written about v.11 and the application’s new user interface in her AECbytes e-newsletter. She describes our BIM collaboration and information management solution and its purpose, and its integration with Revit and other BIM applications, and usefully links …

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