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Aug 27 2014

CodeBook’s Andy Hamer discussing BIM Data Management

Andy will be discussion BIM Data management at the Construction Industry Council on the 16th of September: We welcome all Codebook users and none CodeBook users top pop in and say hello.  

Jul 25 2014

Is technology available to deliver BIM Level 2 or Level 3 today?

A few weeks ago I attended a presentation where the speaker representing the UK BIM TASK Group suggested technology wasn’t available today to delivery BIM Level 3 because the Task Group hasn’t yet defined its requirements; therefore products with this capability don’t exist.   BIM Organisation Struggles Many organisations will struggle to implement Level 2 …

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Jul 08 2014

Key to BIM’s success is shared data in a collaborative workflow

Key to BIM’s success is shared data in a collaborative workflow I read the intriguing titled “BIM for the terrified” guide from the NBS today. It gives a potted history of development of BIM, a clear rationale why it’s essential in the design, construction and operations and its key features: Collaboration across the industry Engagement …

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Jun 09 2014

Buying the right tool for the job!

Buying the right tool for the job! Over the weekend preparing for a party cleaning the paths and patios in my garden with my high pressure washer broke 2/3 way in the job which hard already taken me 5 hours so far! I made the fatal mistake when I bought this unit some 4 years …

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Jun 04 2014

Concern that Building Owners are not going to get what they require or what they expect from BIM

When considering the use of BIM, it is important to be clear about the expected benefits.  There is a danger in the rush to embrace the new ways of working optimism and expectation can lead to disappointment and wasted effort.  It is important to identify work flows, what data should be modelled and where it …

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May 27 2014

CodeBook Releases Room Data Sheet (RDS) Creator

News release   May 27, 2014   CodeBook Releases Room Data Sheet (RDS) Creator Revit® App – Introductory Offer US$ 69.00 May 27, 2014, London, UK: CodeBook Solutions Inc. (CBS) launches its newest Revit® app in a series making workflow simpler, quicker and reducing workload increasing productivity. CBS Flex Documenter creates .doc and .pdf Room …

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May 23 2014

Data migration, Acad to Revit

Historic Projects/data? Data migration can be a nightmare when transitioning between CAD platforms. We see a lot of projects starting out with Autocad and then being moved to Revit and one of the questions we get asked is how do we move our data as quickly and easy from one platform to another? Logistically this …

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May 20 2014

Tips and tricks, Room image layouts

It’s fair to say not all users are going to be using Revit with CodeBook, a lot of data manipulation is performed in CodeBook with the editor never actually seeing the Room as laid out in Revit. CodeBook now has the function to make visible the room layout to CodeBook users regardless of their Revit …

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May 13 2014

Door scheduling, tips and tricks

Door scheduling, A topic that’s not covered very much is door scheduling. It’s often thought as difficult and time consuming. Hopefully this overview should go some way to alleviate these fears. We can cover this in a number of stages 1)      Door Template, Building a template Building the templates is the very first stage in this …

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Mar 25 2014

Overcoming BIM adoption inertia – The road to the new nirvana

There’s almost a universal acceptance of the benefits of BIM with adoption pressures driven by external and / or internal sources: Government decree at local and national level and private sector owners / operators who recognised the benefits BIM delivers over the total building life cycle and its cost saving opportunities Forward thinking organisations recognizing …

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