CodeBook dynamic update feature

CodeBook dynamic update feature.


In today’s blog I wanted to talk about a new feature, this one is a biggy. We want to make Codebook more intuitive and easy to work with so the dev team have come up with something they like to call “Dynamic update”

Instead of having to manually sync rooms when changes have been made, Codebook will now do this live as soon as the “Save” button has been selected in the Room Editor (providing Revit is open) This cuts down time syncing, and you can be sure that changes are being made live, quickly, easily, and intuitively.

We have also looked at how we deal with the creation of Rooms in CodeBook & Revit, till now Rooms created in CodeBook have had to be manually exported to Revit and there was a bit of a disconnect between the two. Now, as soon as a Room is created in CodeBook, CodeBook creates that Room in Revit ready for you to place it.

While we are sure you will love the new way to work, we understand that there are set workflows teams are used to. If you need to turn this off it can be done via the “Settings” option and located under the CAD & BIM settings section under the “Revit” menu.

We have created a short clip on how to use this feature and how to switch it off, and on.





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