CodeBook tech tips – Library Properties

Hello and welcome to today’s tech tip! Today we will be looking at the library properties section of CodeBook. Some of you may be already familiar with this but for the most part I believe this new functionality may have been passed over.
Firstly to access the library properties section of CodeBook select the Build tab and then select the library properties:


At first the library properties is unassuming, what it does however allow us to do is view the library exactly how we want to see it. For instance if I wanted to see all the Equipment Codes, Descriptions, omniclass and master spec codes, I can select these from the check boxes and refresh the view.


What’s the fuss? Well you can directly edit this grid now and enter data or edit data much more quickly than before. If you want to filter perhaps the codes to all the outlets you can enter text in the yellow filter section above:


We can then export this grid content out to a XLS/CSV file and edit the data on bulk in excel, or perhaps hand this XLS out to a MEP engineer and have them full in the extra data we need to host along items in the library..

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