CodeBook Room Data Collector Part 3

Part 3,

One of the questions we get asked almost daily is what if? What if Joe Blogs adds 50 power outlets to a range of rooms?

Well, Should Joe have the ability to do this in the first instance would be the first question that’s asked, the second question would be how can we tell if alterations have been made without manually checking?

When dealing with small projects the data can be held in an XLS file, changes can be made, and we can assume that this document will be taken as a single source of truth.

However, with a large project, or when multiple people need to access the files to make changes, files get duplicated and changes made in different files, and we no longer have the single source of truth. Furthermore, it is good, or even essential to know what changes are being made, by who, when, where and why. It is also useful to control just who can change what data.

With Room Data Collector project team constraints can be created easily, simply open the project properties and select “Define or Modify Constraints”


Here we can create new constraints or edit the permissions of the existing constraints:



We can control exactly what information can be changed by this constraint even down to the grp/class of the items that can be edited.

Once a constraint has been setup, it’s possible to assign this to a user, to do this select the project properties and select ”Room Data Collector” then click on “List of Usernames and Constraints”

You can now setup a username, and specify the password as well as constraint to be used:


When the user logs on to the Room Data Collector they will be asked to enter there username and password before being allowed to continue.


Viewing changes,

Now we have Joe Blogs setup with a username and password we can limit the mistakes that are made, it’s also great however to still be able to easily keep track of the changes from a management perspective if nothing else but to sign off on actions actually taking place.

This can be done with in CodeBook using the settings section under “Room Data Collector” by selecting “Record of User Edits”


Here we can see that our user has edited our room data:


We can see what edits have been made, the old value and the new value, it’s even possible to view the changes between a specific date range. It’s also possible to create an excel report based on these changes:


So, in summary we can control exactly what gets edited, by whom and we can review and validate all changes and additions to the Room Data Sheets.

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