AU Show Reflections

CodeBook on the road at Autodesk University 2014

AU Show Reflections

Like every year I write my post AU blog recovering from jet lag, a hectic and punishing show schedule and not forgetting the post show party!

This year was no different except I didn’t publish my blog straight away.  My excuse, somebody got their first it stopped me in my tracks because it didn’t portray the reality I saw, heard or experienced.   I decided to I needed to rethink my report and reflection on my original views and thoughts.

So here it is from the top!

It’s shocking and awful truth Autodesk had nothing really new to show or announce despite the glitzy Key note Speech.  Sorry I forgot to mention A360 which made me a little excited about  its potential user benefits and I had similar experience with BIM360.

Towards the end of the Keynote I had a “light bulb” moment the “apple fell from the tree” and hit me on my head bringing back to earth”!

Autodesk really doesn’t get data:

  • How it’s needs to be store and managed
  • Users information needs for collaboration and federated workflows
  • Sheer volume and magnitude of data associated with rooms, equipment, doors, MEP and finishes
  • The simple fact project data-sets growth are accelerating
  • Data management needs across multiple Revit models
  • How important non graphical data validation is for users to enable them to verify requirements (program and brief) against design


I took the opportunity to further investigate and it was a real shock when asking an Autodesk staffer about A360 when they stated it’s just a more sophisticated “Drop Box” and another on the BIM City couldn’t explain the “I” in BIM and really just kept going around in loop about 3D modelling.

So yes it’s now very very obvious Autodesk are focusing on sharing files i.e. discrete documents and files NOT data-sharing and it’s clear they don’t understand or see the value or benefit of non-graphical data and its associated Meta information across multiple Revit models being store and managed in centrally.



CodeBook Room Data Collector (RDC)



Our major product announcement was the launch of Room Data Collector.  A new product designed to revolutionize room and asset data collection making it easier and quicker during pre-design and post-construction.  Eradicating the need for piles of Word, pdf and Excel documents which tend to have an accumulation of scribbled notations.



CodeBook Project Database Server (PDS)

CodeBook’s products don’t restrict clients to where their data is stored:  whether it’s a client’s own on-premises server or 3rd party hosted server and now a further option our new hosting services.

CodeBook flexible new project data storage options allow client’s to decide the optimal storage location for their specific project (s):

  • Hosting Service – for clients who want the performance enhancements SQL delivers without the hassle of investing in servers, software and technical support
  • Managed Service – for clients who require all parties internal and external involved on the project to access data collaboratively in a federated workflow and who want to take advantage of CodeBook data management experience to support live projects.


CodeBook Hybrid Cloud Desktop Client Solution

For the first time a real alternative to SaaS Solutions.  With none of the restrictions, limitations or disadvantages associated with a fully SaaS based data management solutions.

Our Cloud services allows CodeBook to offer the advantages of storing and accessing project data via the Cloud plus significant advantages associated with a suite of comprehensive desktop functionality with a user interface which is intuitive, highly flexible and user customisable.

We recognize all clients and their clients are different so we have designed our products to be user customizable enabling Clients to meet the specific data and reporting demands of different clients, projects, building types and project sizes.


CodeBook Room Information Manager (RIM) – 2015 Release Announcement

We didn’t announce the new name for CodeBook Pro at AU, from January 2015 it will renamed as Room Information Manager (RIM) and are moving away from version numbers to a year convention for future versions.

New Product Features

  • Revit 2015
  • Crystal Reports
  • Finishes Validation Module
  • Room Information Change Tracking
  • Equipment List Tracking
  • Much more …..


All it leaves me to say is Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas and New Year from the CodeBook Team and we look forward to talking with you in 2015.

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    • Ian Empson on 17 December 2014 at 12:06 am
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    Sounds like the team have been pretty busy – looking forward to the next generation of Codebook.

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