CodeBook Tip of the day SQL Database Management,

CodeBook Tip of the day,

We are seeing more the move towards SQL server as a database platform, as such we are seeing a jump in the questions surrounding database management with in SQL server. Today’s blog is going to be about the management side of using CodeBook with in SQL.

Everyone can now breath-out because this is all CodeBook side, were not going to ask you to become proficient with SQL management studio!

Most of our work today will be surrounding the “Database” tab on CodeBook:


We’re going to run though exporting your data back to Access, copying, renaming and restoring data.

Copying a database,

Select the option to “Copy” from the Database tab


CodeBook will now ask which type of data you wish to copy, i.e the project, equipment library, ect and then which specific database of that type you want to copy. If then asks you to enter a new name for this database. To complete the task select “Copy” its as simple as that. If you copy a project this copy of the project will still have attached the same Room Data Library and Equipment Library as the original project.

Delete a Database,

So you have made a copy and the its no longer needed, or perhaps you are performing some housekeeping. To delete a database is equally as simple.


Select “Delete” and then Codebook will load the delete from.


Here you can select the database type, which then filters the drop down for the specific database. To delete, select your database and then click “Delete” note * you cannot delete the database you already have open or its library’s.

Rename a Database,

This is exactly the same as above, select the database you wish to rename, enter the new name and then select “rename”

Export a Database,

We understand that change is hard and people like to use the tools they are used to, there are also proprietary reporting tools that have been built in house over a period of time that plug directly in to the image database so the need to get at ones data in access is real.

CodeBook allows for export of an SQL CodeBook project

and library as well as image databases.

To export a database select “Export”


You will then be asked which database type you wish to export. If we use “Project mdb File” as an example.

6We can now see the selection of project available for export. Select the database you require and then select “Select” CodeBook will now ask you where to save the new access database. This can then be opened up in CodeBook using access mode rather than SQL mode.

Importing an Access Database,

To import a CodeBook project that’s in access, or a library simply select the “Import Database” option:


CodeBook will now ask you where the database is you wish to import, and what you with to call it.

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