Time Saving Tips & Feature Updates

Time Saving Tips & Feature Update

Today’s blog covers a selection of really useful time saving functions and some new ones we have added

Rebuilding thumbnails

As the library develops it’s a fact that graphics are going to change, CodeBook Pro stores graphics against textual information in the CodeBook library for easy identification. When items are added a graphic is generated that a representative of that item.

To update the thumbnail select the “Output” option and select “legend” from the ribbon.

Next select the “Rebuild Thumbnails” option and then click apply:


CodeBook will now regenerate the graphics.

FF+E Collections

This is a new feature that has been snuck in and not really talked about. I have been involved in quite a few projects where the requirement for the project has changed but the ability to go back and re-load the original lists for comparison has been important, it’s also useful to see what’s changed from revision to revision. CodeBook FF+E collections allows the project required equipment list to be saved and recalled at any point, allowing for multiple revisions and even the importing from one project to another.

Once the equipment list has been loaded using the FF+E collections tool reporting can be used in the normal way for comparison reports or even as a back up procedure.



Feature Updates

We tend not to make a song and dance about our additions, for anyone who does not read the change log we tend to add in quite a few enhancements, speed improvements and new features in the new builds which go live at least once a month.

1)      FF+E collections (as above)

2)      Library thumbnails -These can now be stored in the database using SQL server rather than using a network drive as a storage location

3)      SQL library location – In the past we have specified that the library even using SQL server must path back to a physical drive location. With the current version we have removed this necessity.  As the library thumbnails can now be stored in the database there is no need to set a path and have this shared.

This allows for a truly “cloud” based storage solution for the CodeBook Project Database

4)      Last one – promise! We have tested and integrated with in the Microsoft Azure platform and can now provide a fully managed hosted cloud database solution for project that requires collaboration. This solution is scalable as well as allowing us to create servers in any regional location to insure the best service possible.

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