Revit COBie interoperability – That’s the easy bit!

Revit COBie interoperability – That’s the easy bit!

Over the past few days I have been watching the praise heaped on Autodesk with its recent announcement on its progress improving COBie interoperability and its truly good news.

There’s a really big step for COBie to work being missedtree

COBie is data! – the data needs to be captured, collected and managed during the design and construction phases and to be truly efficient ideally it needs to be stored centrally.

Simple truth is Revit doesn’t do this very well! 

Praise where its due Revit is an amazing 3D graphics solution but not data management.  It’s seriously left wanting in its ability and capability to easily and efficiently manage data which is going to become increasing more apparent as data sets increase in size.

COBie outputted from a centrally managed data makes it really work

Capturing the data centrally enables the data to be rationalised. Rationalisation the data makes it really quick and easy to update, add new items, verify and validate between brief (program), what’s in the drawing and finally what really in the room, zone or space. This is important given COBie needs report what’s been constructed.

Once data is stored centrally in a database users can produce mounds of reports on any aspect of the data held in the database from simple Room Data Sheets (RDS) to ability to analysis the data creating advanced Room Data Information (RDI).

CodeBook Pro can deliver a consolidated COBie report derived from multiple Revit models

CodeBook Pro gives users the ability to manage and manipulate data efficiently working across multiple Revit models and separate models for architecture, FFE, MEP etc on in one building or across a whole a campus with a centralised FFE library to manage all that data and templates to manage data across a few rooms to thousands.  CodeBook Pro delivers COBie at the push of a button!

Using the right tool for the job makes light work!

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