Buying the right tool for the job!

Buying the right tool for the job! Over the weekend preparing for a party cleaning the paths and patios in my garden with my high pressure washer broke 2/3 way in the job which hard already taken me 5 hours so far!

I made the fatal mistake when I bought this unit some 4 years ago thinking I was saving money by buying the one on offer which didn’t have full tool set because I didn’t think I needed and how much longer is going to take me without the patio cleaner tool !

So I quick trip down to the local DIY store to buy another to complete the job decided to break the bank ignore the financial secretary’s (my wife) spend guidance and bought the more expensive unit with all the tools. Having assembled the unit ready for use and unleashing it on the patio I quickly realised how my first purchase was a really poor investment decision because I completed the whole job re-cleaning everything I had done before in just 90 minutes.

Lesson learnt not all higher pressure washers are equal – yes do the same job but they don’t do it quicker or more easily. So I was saving money “Pound rich and Penny Poor”

It’s the same with BIM Data Management solutions – Not all data management solutions are equal. Choosing the right solution is paramount to gaining the maximum efficiency and cost benefits a data management solution can deliver.

Given the stage in BIMM (Building Information Modelling and Management) development users are starting to discover the management of data is not a trivial matter and it’s a rather large and complex element of the BIMM process.

Making the wrong choice is expensive and you rarely discover you have the wrong solution until your well into a project at which point it’s generally impossible to jump ship and you have to ride out the storm to the end. CodeBook Pro – Intelligent Room Data Management – Beyond Simple Room Data Sheets (RDS)

CodeBook Pro is a powerful enterprise solution delivering structured, centralised, rationalised and verified data. It’s simple and easy to use user interface provides access to a most comprehensive suite of functionality available equipping users to work on any size of project regardless of size, complexity or sector. Interfaces with the latest releases of all leading third-party design, CAD and BIM applications, including Revit® AutoCAD®, MicroStation and ArchiCAD.

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