BIM – “It’s all about the data”!

BIM – “It’s all about the data”!

Attending conferences is always a good way to check out the mood of the market, gather first hand user insights and, of course, meet potential clients.  So last week I travelled half away across England to attend The BIM Conference held in a former 12th Century Cistercian Abbey.


The thing that hit my eye when deciding whether to attend the conference was a seminar on

“Data Management”.  I thought it would be great opportunity to see what people have to say about the subject. Generally I have found in the past speakers at BIM conferences tend to concentrate on BIM concepts, delve into the process and procedures and the legal implications but tend to talk very generically about data / information.  Given “I” is one of the three letters it doesn’t seem to receive the exposure it truly deserves.

The first speaker was from the UK Government I thought it would be the standard BIM presentation about the Government backing BIM because of the cost savings it potential delivers, talking about process and procedures etc etc.  Therefore it was a great surprise when Fiona Moore (BIM Support Office UK BIM Task Force) clearly stated that the UK Government’s BIM Level 2 strategy was – “all about the data with data is capture throughout the design and construction phases and reused to make better informed decisions on future projects”.

I couldn’t have wished for a better opening to discuss the benefits of CodeBook Pro amazing ability to manage data across the major CAD / BIM platforms when you’re asked by other delegates what do you do. Given we have been shouting about load and clear for years, nearly 20 years!

Despite the emphasis placed on data the Data Management seminar failed to meet expectations with little or any content about data and was really about clash detection.  Which I fully appreciate it’s an integral and very important part to better design and identifying costly mistakes for construction commences – it’s not in any way about data management!

The UK Government’s BIM Strategy is a really good thing which it seems very committed to implementing on their building program, its gaining interest from governments across the globe and places the UK a head of the curve on BIM.  Its effect will be felt across the whole sector not just the Government building program.

The biggest issue I can see going forward is the casual way data along with data management is mentioned in passing with little detailed discussion and there is a significant failure by many in the sector to understand data and data management isn’t a trivial matter it’s the core of BIM


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