Have you calculated the cost of not implementing building data management

Have you calculated the cost of not implementing building data management (BDM)?

It’s truly amazing how much money is being wasted on every project where building data management (BDM) solutions like CodeBookPro haven’t been implemented.

changeI have heard the arguments against implementing building data management (BDM) solutions: Revit does this for free, it’s another system we have to learn,  I can buy an Excel tool for US$10.00 to do it, Excel is better and simpler to use and the real classic we haven’t got the time we’re really busy.

Design and construction costs are coming under increasingly greater scrutiny where owners are or are beginning to evaluate total life costs including the design and construction stages and the operational costs of the building life cycle.   Owners are actively seeking long term cost reduction over the building life cycle which they will demand whether you have introduced efficiency or costs savings or not and they demand more work for less from its suppliers.

How does a Building Data Management (BDM) solution like CodeBookPro reduce costs and increase productivity?

Quite simply it captures all the data in a centralised structured database which bi directionally links with Revit allowing users:

  • Management of multiple Revit models ensuring consistency of data across a whole project which multiple buildings and phases
  • Room and equipment information in libraries for all Revit models to capture common data and ensure consistency
  • Exemplar room templates which can be used to manage the data across 1,000’s of rooms making changes to equipment or room information globally in a key stroke
  • Increases the speed of room and equipment loading and ensures quality consistency across the whole project
  • Quickly validates the brief (program) against the design because it knows what’s in the brief and in Revit for a room, floor, phase, building or the whole campus
  • Can capture all the data the owner needs for input into their FM system

And the really magic outcome of implementing Building Data Management (BDM) – all the data can be reused on project after project with no more need to reinvent the wheel and incurring costs for the recapture of knowledge you have already paid for.

Throw away Excel for complex building data management its yesterday’s technology

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