CodeBookPro in used on largest hospital project in North America – CHUM Montreal

It was a great opportunity during my recent visit to Montreal to see an actual building CodeBookPro has been

chum1implemented on and talk all to those involved in the design and construction of the project.
On my first morning I was surprised to open my hotel room blinds to the see the CHUM under construction and be able see the daily increase in the building height.
chum2Having walked around Montreal I knew how very cold it was with daily temperatures in Montreal last week from -20C to -6C. So I really felt for the construction crew working on the building in the open and for a few shielded from the elements behind plastic sheeting. Plus it was amazing to think concrete can be poured in these temperatures!


The CHUM is a truly an amazing Uber sized healthcare project which CodeBookPro has the capability to handle with ease:

Rooms: 15,000
Equipment: 500,000
Data: 60 Million (Est)

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