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CodeBook strongly advocates Open Cloud with no limits on access to your data does your Cloud BIM Data Management Solution provider feel the same?

The Cloud is a great for aiding and supporting wider collaboration on intra and inter team working: (1) enables project databases to be hosted either an on corporate server or 3rd party BIM Cloud, it’s starting to make even more practical sense with project database’s growing in size as designers, engineers and owners associate more and more data into their 3D models; (2) allows quick and easy application deployment and (3) ensures when a user is working remotely on site or visit another office the local internet connection doesn’t place them at a disadvantage.

In our experience clients want the ability to deploy applications in way which optimises the user’s operational requirements which could in fact be a mix of users accessing the application installed on their pc and / or accessing a hosted application.

What we don’t accept are Cloud based applications which (1) delivering significantly less functionality dumbing down the function needs which restrict user productivity, (2) probably more significant the restrictive nature in which clients data is locked permanently into one solution not allowing users to export their data for backup or in other solutions and (3) where without continually payment clients valuable data is lost or inaccessible.

If the Cloud is too truly deliver efficiency and productivity increases to the AEC sector, then access to data should be really completely open, exportable and flexible because if the data is locked in, restricted and inaccessible then the promised advantages in reality can’t be delivered!

Before making that decision about which Cloud based BIM data management solution you choose to capture and store your building information for yours and your clients valuable data make sure it’s really has (1) all the functions and reports you need to complete project from brief to handover (2) your data is available to export and is accessible and (3) you know what happens when to your data you stop paying your subscription. It’s too late once your months into the project!

CodeBookPro works in the Cloud the project database can be hosted and along with the application. And because CodeBook’s stated strategy is to keep the project database open and available in industry standard formats Access, SQL, XML, and Excel. Our clients never need to worry about whether they have access to their data in years to come.

Remember it’s your data, it’s your knowledge and it’s highly valuable; don’t except anything less than complete and open access to your data.

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