CodeBook time saving tricks!

Having used CodeBook in anger on a number of large projects I can understand how daunting navigating around large equipment library’s and room structures can be some times, especially if you are unfamiliar with the project.

I thought it time that we impart some of our knowledge to help you get to where you want faster!
Over the next few months we hope to put together a few tricks and tips, stay tuned!

Project Explorer,

In v11 we re-designed this area of CodeBook massively, as such it’s been recognised that the organise function has been missed by many people, if you right click on the project explorer you should have the ability to organise by:

Room Type
Room Category
Room Owner


One interesting option is to organise by Equipment; this organises the project by equipment class, and then code, then the rooms these are listed in:


More to follow!

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