CodeBook Pro V12 Release News





CodeBook Pro V12 Release News

The newest version of the world’s leading and most advanced solution for building information and program management is available for download from 09:00GMT today.

New Features

Navisworks Integration

Navisworks model items can be referenced to the CB library either as distinct FFE items or linked using the associated names mechanism

XML Reporting

All reports can now be exported as an XML file for report generators

Nested Rooms

Nested Rooms allow the grouping of several rooms as child rooms of another room.


C Sheet equipment schedule now writes entire schedule to a single shared param, that can be included as a label of the view sheet title family.

Speed Enhancements

Speed enhancements to Room sync and Equipment list updates, especially when Revit phases are being used.

Other Productivity Enhancements
See list below
CodeBook is an architectural productivity tool that provides extensive benefits to both the architect and other members of the design team and building contractor throughout the design and construction phases of the project.
The resulting coordinated building model comprising both the graphical cad model and a database of all the room data and equipment requirements of the project form an excellent source of data for an FM model or the building operators.
The CodeBook database is open source, the data is easily usable and joined with other data sources. The software is licenced, not the data the user creates. This allows it to be part of an integrated building information model, accessible to the entire design team.

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• Added an option to save each room to a different Word document with the Flex Room Data and Equipment reports.
• The wall host of doors is now recorded in the door instance of the room editor
• COBie export now uses room category for the space category, was previously hard coded as Omniclass F2: Rooms
• Room Editor FFE now has option to edit required equipment list with a grid, in addition to the tree
• Can now include the Room Category and Owner codes as part of the room number format
• When exporting rooms from Revit to CodeBook, can now select to export rooms from a selected phase
• Option to force the equipment compares to be by union, rather than union members
• Delete Homeless rooms, will now remove all floors and departments that contain no rooms
• Project Explorer organisation option to list FFE by class, group and code. This provides an easy way to view all the rooms that include a particular item of FFE
• The import room wizard now allows room match to be made on room number, room code and briefing codes, not just instance id
• Equipment Update dialog now includes a tab on the navigation bar to display the phase sequence.
• Can now map the Union Code as a type parameter, in addition to the equipment code. For non-unions will be null. This can be useful for identifying the parent union when working with nested families
• Added option to specify the cutline height for plan and ceiling views when creating Revit CSheets
• Instance parameters written to the designed equipment list will now be written using user units rather than the Revit internal stored units. For instance when using MEP parameters such as air flow
• Place equipment using the Room Task Manager, no longer requires the Revit room to be within the current Revit project
• Added several new options to the Room Task Manager to carry out actions on a selection of rooms defined in a build list
• Room List Area xls reports now have an option to exclude rows for rooms that are marked as circulation. Set this option using report settings
• When placing assemblies or selection from Room Editor, the user will be prompted for the host element
• Assigning equipment to Room, no longer requires the Revit room to be in the current Revit project


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