CodeBook in the Cloud

Multiple offices? Collaborative working? Multiple disciplines same dataset?

As tech moves forwards, datasets get larger and more and more people want to utilise a common data source the “cloud” starts to make a little more sense. No one really wants to move large datasets about, maintaining multiple datasets and making sure version control is practiced rigorously is hard work. Did you send your clients the correct dataset? Need to make a change but dataset already with the M&E. It’s safe to say we have all been there.

What if I said it’s possible to deploy CodeBook, and a dataset on to a cloud based system?
The “cloud” does not have to be public, many companies are now maintaining their own cloud based systems for internal use.

The next question, why would you want to do this?
Well, deploying Codebook via a cloud based system can improve workflow in a number of key ways.

Collaborative working – we are finding its more and more common now for company to be sharing workloads between multiple offices. Traditionally a project would be broken down and worked on in sections, then combined at key points. With CodeBook in the cloud everyone can work on the same data, at the same time.

Multiple disciplines – i.e M&E, No longer issue datasets for edit, then re-importing. It’s now possible to allow direct access to the data and the application to perform the edits live in real time.

Remote working – Snow day? Have to issue documentation but not at your own workstation. CodeBook in the cloud can be accessed by any internet connected windows PC. No need to install Revit or CodeBook locally.

Take a look at our overview presentation.

CodeBook In the Cloud from CodeBook International on Vimeo.

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