CodeBook and Navisworks

One of the problems we face in the BIM world is not every one chooses to use the same BIM design package, this can make data integration and collaboration challenging.
You may well be designing the architectural layout in Revit, however the M+E contractors may be using something completely different.

You still want to be able to schedule, validate and report on the M+E assets within this other model but not integrate it with in your own Revit model.

AutoDesk Navisworks looks like a great solution for this, it’s able to import and read a wide range of data formats and allows for easy interrogation of the data held including the parameter data assigned to each and every single object with in the dataset.

CodeBook comes in to its own here as we are now able to read data from Navisworks, CodeBook is able to scan the dataset and load a CodeBook library from each FF&E/M&E asset found. This includes loading of any parameter data connected to this object.

If this item exists within a boundary of a room recorded from the Revit model that CodeBook has been synced with, CodeBook can then add this item to the designed MEP equipment lists. Congratulations! You can now schedule and report on assets not loaded within Revit.

While we strive to support all common BIM design packages we understand that data can come from a massive range of sources, our goal is to make managing, utilizing and reporting from these as easy as possible.

CodeBook and Navisworks from CodeBook International on Vimeo.

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