CodeBook AutoDesk University 2013 (AU 13)

CodeBook AutoDesk University 2013 (AU 13)


AutoDesk University always seems a long time coming then it’s upon you, you’re in the middle of it and then it’s over in a flash and this year was no different.

It’s a great opportunity to meet with clients, prospects and new prospects and its one of the most efficient ways to meet thousands of people in one place in 4 days! With the increased use of online meetings, email and then occasional phone conversation AU is the place to meet people in the flesh and for people you have never meet face to face to put your voice to the face. Meeting people face to face is the best way to conduct business and we look forward to meetings from early morning to late into the night plus the meet and greet at the stand. This year was no different.

We haven’t had the official attendee figures, however, the show felt busier, more stands, and more people who seemed buoyant and definitely more corporate parties indicating confidence is raising and sector is returning to growth.
AU 13 for CodeBook was a great opportunity to show case and discuss the new functionality in CodeBook V12 with the major announcements of new xml reporting and import function for data in Navisworks, our rationale for CodeBook Mobile and our move into the “Cloud” with CodeBook Cloud and discussion the increasing trend for clients to move to SQL as the datasets continue to grow in size.

It’s also give an opportunity to discuss the advantages of CodeBook to new sectors who just seem to be warming towards understanding the benefits of capturing non graphical BIM data for long term.



Nearly forgot to mention the opportunity to visit the great wonders which lie just outside Las Vegas such as the Hoover Dam and the Grand Canyon. Even though we have visited the Hoover Dam many times the sight never fails to amaze us of the great sacrifices made by the men building this massive project and the far reaching benefits it delivered in power, water capture and taming to US and Mexico.


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