Consortech to resell CodeBook in Canada

Consortech logoWe have been seeing a lot of interest in our application from customers in Canada, and I am delighted to say CodeBook Solutions has appointed Consortech to be our first Canada-based reseller.

Headquartered in Brossard, near Montreal, with other offices in Quebec City and Ottawa, Consortech specialises in software and consultancy services in architecture, construction, structural and civil engineering, and geomatics.

The recent explosion of interest in BIM has made designers, contractors, owners and operators more aware of the value of information created throughout project delivery processes. Through Consortech, CodeBook will now be supporting professional collaboration on key projects across Canada.

Pierre Genest, President of Consortech, says:

“We have identified CodeBook as a strong addition to our BIM range. Being interoperable with a range of different BIM design tools, CodeBook streamlines information flows for architects and engineers, and provides better data to owners and facility managers running complex buildings. It powerfully complements the applications we already deliver to Consortech customers.”

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