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It is a constant challenge for us to explain CodeBook briefly, particularly as the benefits will vary considerably from user to user, as they use the application and toolset for different tasks. To try to explain how CodeBook can deliver real time-savings on particular workflows, we have begun experimenting with some simple videos.

The first video was produced using Camtasia and has no voice-over; instead, it describes a process (using CodeBook to extract data from Revit to produce a LEED Lighting report) through a sequence of on-screen captions.

Using CodeBook to take Revit data and create a LEED lighting report from CodeBook International on Vimeo.

The second video is an introduction to CodeBook from Cyril Verley, founder of CDV Systems and COO of CodeBook Solutions in the US. It outlines what CodeBook does, how it can be used to translate and manage data from different design applications, and then describes how it can be used to manage processes across large, complex projects such as university campus developments.

Turbocharge your BIM and CAD with CodeBook from CodeBook International on Vimeo.

These videos have been produced to ‘test the water’ and get some feedback – Is this something you would like to see more often? What kind of videos would you like? – and also with the hope that they might stimulate other CodeBook users to produce their own short videos. We will be experimenting with some further videos – someone has already suggested that we could break Cyril’s video into a series of shorter pieces.

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