Australia CodeBook User Group plans local meetings

The Codebook User Group – Australia on LinkedIn is planning its first meetings – on 28 August 6pm EST. John Temple (regional principal at Brisbane-based Woodhead) is aiming to organise local meetings in Sydney, Brisbane and Perth, all linked together via the web. Venues to be confirmed! In the LinkedIn discussion, he writes:

This is intended to be a collaborative, user focussed group aimed at helping us all to be more effective and efficient. Sharing experiences, lesson learnt, helping each other through challenges, looking to the future, etc.

This is not just a technical group; it is about design and delivery. The group has a broad spectrum of members already, including experienced technical wizards, keen new blood and relatively old men of healthcare briefing / documentation like me.

Update (29 August 2012) – I ‘lurked’ online, joining the User Group meeting via the web yesterday. My CodeBook Solutions colleague Cyril Verley participated from the US, and around 60 people in four locations across Australia also joined in, but CodeBook CTO Peter Mann is consciously trying to help the group become a strong independent voice. He sent a note to Chris Razzell saying:

I would like to wish you every success with the inaugural meeting of the user group. Please give my heartfelt best wishes to all present and I look forward to seeing the group flourish. I am sure you will all benefit from coming together and sharing your professional knowledge. My absence is not disinterest, but a genuine wish for the group to be independent, so that it can develop to be a strong and meaningful pressure group and community.

Chris has posted the first presentations online, via the LinkedIn group, and plans are already being made for the next meeting.

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